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Bright 1985

Bright, D. E. 1985c. Studies on West Indian Scolytidae (Coleoptera), 3: Checklist of Scolytidae of the West Indies with descriptions of new species and taxonomic notes. Entomologischen Arbeit aus dem Museum G. Frey. 33-34169-188.
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Ambrosiodmus devexulus (Wood, 1978), Ambrosiodmus klapperichi Bright, 1985, Ambrosiodmus lecontei Hopkins, 1915, Ambrosiodmus obliquus (LeConte, 1878), Ambrosiodmus pseudobrasiliensis (Eggers, 1941), Dryocoetoides capucinus (Eichhoff, 1869), Theoborus solitariceps (Schedl, 1954), Theoborus theobromae Hopkins, 1915, Xyleborinus andrewesi (Blandford, 1896), Xyleborinus aspericauda (Eggers, 1941), Xyleborinus buscki (Hopkins, 1915), Xyleborinus gracilis (Eichhoff, 1868), Xyleborinus insolitus (Bright, 1972), Xyleborinus longulus (Schedl, 1966), Xyleborinus neogracilis (Schedl, 1954), Xyleborus affinis Eichhoff, 1868, Xyleborus badius Eichhoff, 1869, Xyleborus beckeri Bright, 1972, Xyleborus caraibicus Eggers, 1941, Xyleborus elevatus Eggers, 1931, Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius, 1801), Xyleborus howdenae Bright, 1973, Xyleborus intrusus Blandford, 1898, Xyleborus jamaicensis Bright, 1972, Xyleborus lepidus Bright, 1972, Xyleborus macer Blandford, 1898, Xyleborus novagranadensis Eggers, 1941, Xyleborus nuperus Bright, 1972, Euwallacea posticus (Eichhoff, 1869), Xyleborus pusio Eggers, 1941, Xyleborus rileyi Hopkins, 1915, Xyleborus scaber Schedl, 1948, Xyleborus simulatus Bright, 1972, Xyleborus spinulosus Blandford, 1898, Xyleborus volvulus (Fabricius, 1775), Xyleborus xylographus (Say, 1826), Xylosandrus compactus (Eichhoff, 1875), Xylosandrus curtuloides (Eggers, 1941), Xylosandrus morigerus (Blandford, 1894)
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