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Ohno et al. 1989

Ohno, S., K. Yoshioka, N. Uchida, K. Yoneyama, and K. Tsukamoto. 1989. The Scolytidae and Platypodidae (Coleoptera) from Bismark Archipelago found in logs at Nagoya port Japan. Research Bulletin of the Plant Protection Service Japan 2559-69.
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Amasa aglaiae (Browne, 1984), Amasa nakazawai (Browne, 1984), Amasa striatotruncatus (Schedl, 1936), Arixyleborus subsimilis Schedl, 1970, Microperus corporaali (Eggers, 1923), Microperus intermedius (Eggers, 1923), Coptodryas tuberculosus (Browne, 1981), [SCOL061], Cyclorhipidion canarii (Browne, 1984), Cyclorhipidion subagnatum Wood, 1992, Eccoptopterus spinosus (Olivier, 1795), Euwallacea destruens (Blandford, 1896), [SCOL051], [SCOL052], Euwallacea procerrimus (Schedl, 1969), Euwallacea solomonicus (Schedl, 1970), Euwallacea wallacei (Blandford, 1896), Leptoxyleborus concisus (Blandford, 1894), [SCOL031], Xyleborus affinis Eichhoff, 1868, Xyleborus bidentatus (Motschulsky, 1863), Xyleborus canarivorus Browne, 1986, Xyleborus cavuloides Browne, 1984, Xyleborus ciliatoformis Schedl, 1953, Xyleborus cognatus Blandford, 1896, Xyleborus cornivorus Murayama, 1950, Xyleborus depressurus Browne, 1985, [SCOL080], [SCOL117], Xyleborus glabratulus Browne, 1983, Xyleborus hashimotoi Browne, 1986, [SCOL023], [SCOL026], Euwallacea similis (Ferrari, 1867), Euwallacea striatulus (Browne, 1980), Xyleborus volvulus (Fabricius, 1775), Xylosandrus crassiusculus (Motschulsky, 1866), [SCOL063], Anisandrus ursulus (Eggers, 1923)
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