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Kalshoven 1960

Kalshoven, L. G. E. 1960d. Two new cases of synonymy in Indomalayan Platypodidae and Scolytidae. Entomologische Berichten 2063-64.
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Amasa resecta (Eggers, 1927), Amasa uniseriatus (Eggers, 1936), Ancipitis punctatissimus (Eichhoff, 1880), Xyleborus setulosus Eggers, 1940, Cnestus ater (Eggers, 1923), Xylosandrus banjoewangi (Schedl, 1939), Amasa cylindrotomicus (Schedl, 1939), Cnestus mutilatus (Blandford, 1894)
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