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Santoro 1957

Santoro, F. H. 1957b. Especies de Platypodidae y Scolytidae (Col) en maderas misioneras [Species of Platypodidae and Scolytidae found in timber from Misiones]. Ingenieria Agronomica, Buenos Aires 1523-26.
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Xyleborinus sentosus (Eichhoff, 1868), Xyleborus affinis Eichhoff, 1868, Xyleborus argentinensis Schedl, 1931, Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius, 1801), Xyleborus fuscobrunneus Eichhoff, 1878, Xyleborus scaber Schedl, 1948, Cnestus retusus (Eichhoff, 1868)
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