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Hopkins 1915

Hopkins, A. D. 1915. Contributions toward a monograph of the scolytid beetles, Part II Preliminary classification of the superfamily Scolytoidea. United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology, Technical Bulletin 17:165-232, pls. 9-15.
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Ambrosiodmus tachygraphus (Zimmermann, 1868), Eccoptopterus Motschulsky, 1863, Webbia Hopkins, 1915, Webbia dipterocarpi Hopkins, 1915, Xyleborinus saxeseni (Ratzeburg, 1837), Xyleborus Eichhoff, 1864, Anisandrus dispar (Fabricius, 1792), Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius, 1801), Xyleborus planicollis Zimmermann, 1868, Xyleborus pyri (Peck, 1817), Xyleborus viduus Eichhoff, 1878
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