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Euwallacea subemarginatus (Eggers, 1940) species page

Euwallacea subemarginatus (Eggers, 1940)

statussynonymy (unspecified)
valid name:Planiculus limatus
original genus:Xyleborus
notes:Lectotype designated by Anderson, W. H. & Anderson, D. M. 1971: 32; Schedl 1942d described male; moved from Xyleborus (Beaver 1998c:183, 186); delete pre-1940 references by Beeson, Eggers, and Hagedorn; they refer to Xyleborus submarginatus Blandford, a synonym of X. similis Ferrari
type locality:Java (Batoerraden, G. Slamet)
type sex:female
type repository notes:USNM
notes on type:Type type: Lectotype; Type sex: female; Type by: ;
Asia Indonesia Malaysia Pacific Philippines
Dyera costulataFagraea fragrans
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