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Webbia talauricus (Eggers, 1923) species page

Webbia talauricus (Eggers, 1923)

original genus:Xyleboricus
notes:Lectotype designated by Anderson, W. H., & Anderson, D. M. 1971: 33; name originally spelled talauticus, lapsus calami, corrected; type locality in original publication given as Talaut, but corrected by Eggers in Beeson reprint to Talaur (Eggers 1927b: 391); moved to Webbia NEW COMBINATION (Bright & Skidmore 2002)
type locality:Talaur Inseln (zwischen Philippines und Celebes
type sex:female
type repository notes:USNM
notes on type:Type type: Lectotype; Type sex: female; Type by: ;
Indonesia PacificTalaud Island
Balanocarpus heimiiDryobalanops aromaticaDryobalanops oblongifoliaShorea gysbertsianaShorea leprosula
Shorea sp.
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