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Welcome to the HISL Xyleborini database. This database currently contains all of the 1288 valid taxa and 469 synonyms recognized by Wood & Bright (1992) and Bright & Skidmore (1997, 2002). There are more than 19,000 citations, and full references have been entered for 97% of these. Over five thousand locality and host entries are included. This database likely contains a few errors and/or omissions, so please contact us if you find any problems. Updates are made periodically.

New! A literature database of scolytine of approximately 27,000 references spanning the 1700’s to 2000 has been added. This database includes most of the literature contained in Wood (1987), Wood & Bright (1992), and Bright & Skidmore (1997, 2002).

You can:

Browse and search the taxonomy database

Browse and search the literature database

Or use the 'quick search' box to the left, which searches all columns in the taxonomy database for the terms entered.

Future additions will include species pictures, illustrations, phylogenetic & biological data, and frequent taxonomic and bibliographical updates. Please contact Anthony Cognato cognato@msu.edu with comments or questions.

The database was last updated on November 1st, 2008.

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