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Principle Investigator

Anthony Cognato, Michigan State University

Graduate Students

Stephanie Dole

Jiri Hulcr

Sarah Smith


Thomas H. Atkinson, Texas A&M University
Dr. Atkinson, an adjunct professor at TAMU, is an expert in Mexican bark beetle taxonomy and ecology.

Robert J. Rabaglia, United States National Museum of Natural History & Maryland Department of Agriculture
Dr. Rabaglia is an associate researcher at the USNM where he helps curate the scolytid collection. He is expert on exotic US bark beetles, and for the past five years he has identified bark beetles from APHIS port surveillance traps.

Milos Knizek, Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
Mr. Knizek was a protégé of the late Dr. Pfeffer. He has sole authored several taxonomic papers and assisted with Dr. Pfeffer's last monograph of European bark beetles. Mr. Knizek is currently curating the Murryama collection at the USNM.

Donald E. Bright, Canadian National Collection
Dr. Donald Bright is the only student of Dr. Stephen Wood to have a life-time career as a scoytid systematist. Dr. Bright has been employed by the CNC for over 30 years and has recently retired. However, he plans to continue his research on Malaysian bark beetle faunas and will remain an active participant with the PEET project.

Roger Beaver, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dr. Roger Beaver is an expert of the South Asian scolytid fauna and has an extensive collection of scolytids from this region.

Stephan L. Wood, Brigham Young University
Dr. Wood is has been retired for over 10 years but continues to research scolytid sytematics. Although he is not an "official" collaborator, he welcomes PEET students and participants to the Monte L. Bean Natural History Museum to study his extensive collection.

Saowapa Sonthichai, Chiang Mai University
Dr. Sonthichai is an entomologist at Chaing Mai University who studies the biodiversity of Thailand. She will collaborate with a biodiversity study of Thai scolytids and will help direct the training of Thai students in scolytid taxonomy.

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