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Browne 1984

Browne, F. G. 1984c. Bark Beetles and ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera, Scolytidae and Platypodidae) intercepted at Japanese ports, with description of new species, X. Kontyu 52448-457.
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Arixyleborus subsimilis Schedl, 1970, Cryptoxyleborus subnaevus Schedl, 1937, Cyclorhipidion subagnatum Wood, 1992, Eccoptopterus limbus Sampson, 1911, Webbia multidentatus Browne, 1984, Webbia orbicularis Schedl, 1970, Xyleborus cavuloides Browne, 1984, Xyleborus consobrinus Eggers, 1932, Xyleborus insignis Browne, 1984, Xyleborus parvior Browne, 1981
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