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Lhoste & Roche 1962

Lhoste, J., and A. Roche. 1962. Anatomie comparee des organes transporteurs de champignons chez quelques Scolytoidea. International Congress of Entomology, Proceedings (1960) 11385-387.
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Coptodryas confusa Hopkins, 1915, Xyleborinus saxeseni (Ratzeburg, 1837), Xyleborus affinis Eichhoff, 1868, Anisandrus dispar (Fabricius, 1792), Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius, 1801), Xyleborus mascarensis Eichhoff, 1878, Xylosandrus germanus (Blandford, 1894), Xylosandrus morstatti (Hagedorn, 1912)
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