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Ambrosiodmus tegalensis (Eggers, 1923) species page

Ambrosiodmus tegalensis (Eggers, 1923)

valid name:Ambrosiodmus lewisi
original genus:Xyleborus
notes:Schedl 1951i : 60 (described male)
type locality:Simpar Tegal (Java) and Rimbe Pengadang (Sumatra)
type sex:female
type repository notes:1 in RNH, 1 in SMTD, and 1 in Eggers Collection in NHMW
notes on type:Type type: Syntypes; Type sex: female; Type by: ;

Taxonomic History

Ambrosiodmus lewisi Schedl, K. E. 1950. synonymy (unspecified)
Indonesia Pacific
Acer spp.Ailanthus altissimaAlnus sp.Amoora wallichiiCastanopsis cuspidata
Castanopsis indicaCinnamomum camphoraCinnamomum obtusifoliumEvodia sp.Ficus carica
Hopea parvifloraMesua myriocarpaPhoebe laneolataPoinceana alataPopulus sp.
Prunus sp.Pueraria thunbergianaQuercus stenophyllaRhus sylvestrisSalix sp.
Terminalia myriocarpaVatica lanceaefolia
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