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Hadrodemius globus (Blandford, 1896) species page

Hadrodemius globus (Blandford, 1896)

original genus:Xyleborus
notes:The record from ÒIndiaÓ probably refers to the Malayan collections (SLW)
type locality:New Guinea, Dorey
type sex:female
type repository notes:BMNH
notes on type:Type type: Holotype; Type sex: female; Type by: ;


Asia India Indonesia Pacific Philippines
Solomon Islands Taiwan ThailandMalayaNew Guinea
Artocarpus sp.Canarium littoraleCastanea argeneaCinnamomum sp.Dryobalanops longifolia
Dysoxylum sp.Eupatorium pallescensIntsia palembanicaKleinhovia hospitaLitsea megacarpa
Piper sp.Swietenia macrophylaTurpinia pomifera
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