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Xyleborus seriatus Blandford, 1894 species page

Xyleborus seriatus Blandford, 1894

original genus:Xyleborus
notes:A note in the Schedl Collection says that daisetsuanus Nobuchi is a synonym; this synonmy requires confirmation; Murayama 1955: 86 (described male)
type locality:Nikko and Miyanoshita, Japan
type sex:female
type repository notes:BMNH
notes on type:Type type: Syntypes; Type sex: female; Type by: ;


Asia China Japan Korea Taiwan
Acer rufinerveAesculus turbinataAlnus spp.Betula spp.Carpinus tschonoskii
Castanopsis sp.Chamaecyparis spp.Cleyera japonicaCryptomeria japonicaFagus crenata
Kalopanax septenlobusLarix leptolepisMallotus japonicusPinus spp.Prunus sp.
Qurcus spp.Rhus ambiguaSchima sp.Thuja standishiiTilia japonica
Tsuga spp.
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