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Bright 2000

Bright, D. E. 2000. Scolytidae (Coleoptera) of Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia, with ecological notes and descriptions of six new species. Sarangga 541-85.
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Arixyleborus granifer (Eichhoff, 1878), Arixyleborus granulifer (Eggers, 1923), Microperus intermedius (Eggers, 1923), Microperus nugax (Schedl, 1939), Microperus recidens (Sampson, 1923), Cryptoxyleborus naevus Schedl, 1937, Cryptoxyleborus subnaevus Schedl, 1937, Cyclorhipidion polyodon (Eggers, 1923), Cyclorhipidion pruinosum (Blandford, 1896), Cyclorhipidion sisyrnophorum (Hagedorn, 1910), Eccoptopterus tarsalis Schedl, 1936, Euwallacea destruens (Blandford, 1896), Euwallacea interjectus (Blandford, 1894), [SCOL051], [SCOL052], Euwallacea subemarginatus (Eggers, 1940), Euwallacea subparallelus (Eggers, 1940), Leptoxyleborus concisus (Blandford, 1894), Ancipitis puer (Eggers, 1923), Ancipitis punctatissimus (Eichhoff, 1880), Schedlia sumatrana (Hagedorn, 1908), Webbia penicillatus (Hagedorn, 1910), Xyleborinus artestriatus (Eichhoff, 1878), [SCOL031], Debus adusticollis (Motschulsky, 1863), Debus amphicranoides (Hagedorn, 1908), Xyleborus ciliatoformis Schedl, 1953, Xyleborus cylindromorphus Eggers, 1927, Debus dolosus (Blandford, 1896), [SCOL080], [SCOL117], [SCOL023], Xyleborus pseudopilifer Schedl, 1936, Debus robustipennis (Schedl, 1954), Euwallacea similis (Ferrari, 1867), Debus spinatus (Eggers, 1923), Xyleborus subdolosus Schedl, 1942, Xylosandrus crassiusculus (Motschulsky, 1866), [SCOL063], Xylosandrus morigerus (Blandford, 1894), Anisandrus ursa (Eggers, 1923), Anisandrus ursulus (Eggers, 1923)
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