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Xylosandrus difficilis (Eggers, 1923)

valid name:Xylosandrus morigerus
original genus:Xyleborus
notes:Browne 1963c:55 to Xylosandrus; lectotype designated by Anderson, W. H. & Anderson, D. M. 1971: 12; moved to morigerus (Blandford) as a synonym; types compared (DEB); Synonymy citation: Bright & Skidmore 1997: 169.
type locality:Java
type sex:female
type repository notes:USNM
notes on type:Type type: Lectotype; Type sex: female; Type by: ;

Taxonomic History

Xylosandrus morigerus Bright, D. E., and R. E. Skidmore. 1997. synonymy (unspecified)
Asia Fiji India Indonesia Malaysia
Pacific VietnamCook IslandsMalayaRarotonga (Cook Islands)
Solomon Island
Amoora rohitukaArtocarpus elasticusBeilschmiedia sp.Dipterocarpus kunstleriGmelina arborea
Macaranga sp.Shorea leprosulaShorea macropteraShorea ovalisXanthophyllum spp.
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